Board, Baldwin issue joint statement regarding possible resignation

The Board of Education hasn't requested anything from Superintendent Karen Baldwin.

Board chairwoman Fran Walton issued a joint statement from the board and Baldwin early Wednesday morning that took exception to reports that the district was seeking Baldwin's termination.

"Some reporting regarding Monday night's decision-making by the Board of Education regarding Dr. Karen Baldwin has not been accurate," the statement read. "The parties have agreed to explore whether a resignation agreement would be the best alternative for both the district and the superintendent in light of all circumstances. The board has not requested Dr. Baldwin's resignation, nor has it made any findings with respect to Dr. Baldwin's actions or conduct."

In its story Monday night, The Press never used the word "request." The story's headline used the word "seeks," implying that the resignation agreement hadn't been reached. The Press also never reported that the board had made any made any findings with respect to Dr. Baldwin's actions. 

"The Board also voted to allow board member Jonathan Steckler to retain a lawyer to investigate the allegations against Baldwin," The Press reported in its story on March, 10, after Baldwin was placed on paid administrative leave.

"This may turn out to be a situation where the mutual parting of ways is in the interest of all concerned," the joint statement said.