RIDGEFIELD — More COVID-19 cases were announced Monday in the town’s schools, while some were already on remote learning due to staff shortages.

The new cases at Ridgefield High School, Farmingville and Barlow Mountain have resulted in 106 students and 26 staff members quarantined for 14 days.

The high school case was announced Monday morning by Aaron Crook, the school COVID-19 liaison. Crook said the person “was potentially infectious” when at school on Nov. 9 and Nov. 10. The case has resulted in 72 students and eight staff members being quarantined.

The Farmingville case was also announced Monday. The person who tested positive was possibly infectious when in the building on Nov. 10, Nov. 12 and Nov. 13, Crook said. The case has caused 19 students and staff members to quarantine.

The COVID-19 case at Barlow Mountain Elementary School was announced Sunday night, joining the Scotland and Scotts Ridge notifications earlier in the weekend. From the Barlow case, there are 15 students and three staff in quarantine. The Scotts Ridge case sent 25 students and seven staff into quarantine, and the Scotland case has 11 students and four staff in quarantine.

The remote learning at Scotts Ridge and Scotland is “staff related,” according to Superintendent of School Susie Da Silva.

“If you are a member of the SRMS or SES community, you know by now that we will be transitioning to remote learning due to our inability to staff these two schools,” Da Silva said in an email to the school district families Sunday.

“In addition to the concern over the health of the individuals impacted by COVID-19, the challenge of adequately staffing our schools is growing more difficult,” she said.

“It is becoming clearer that we all must prepare for quick learning model shifts.”

The Barlow Mountain case announced Sunday night was the result of someone being in school and potentially infectious on Nov. 12.

The Scotland Elementary School case sent 11 students and four staff members into quarantine. The individual had been in the building and considered infectious on Nov. 9.

“This case has a known source and is not connected to previous cases at SES,” Crook said.

The Scotts Ridge case, announced Friday, quarantined 25 students and seven staff members. The person had been in the Scotts Ridge building and considered infectious on Nov. 10.

“Please wear a mask, wash your hands, and keep your distance,” Crook closed each of his emails.