RIDGEFIELD — Another reported case of COVID-19 in the Ridgefield High School community Thursday has sent 32 more students and 15 staff members into a 14-day quarantine.

That pushes the total number of people connected with Ridgefield Public Schools told to quarantine due to potential exposures to nearly 300 — some 245 students and 53 staff, totaling 298 people. Ridgefield posted a public, updated list of incidents Thursday on a COVID-19 dashboard.

The latest caseat Ridgefield High School was made public by school officials late Thursday afternoon. That morning they’d announced a “probable case” at Branchville School.

Ridgefield Public Schools has reported 11 incidents of potential exposure to COVID-19, with five involving Ridgefiled High School — although one of those was not at the school, but at a sporting event at a school in another town.

The suspected Branchville case resulted in 19 students and nine staff members being asked to quarantine. It’s the first COVID-19 incident in one of Ridgefield’s six elementary schools.

The new RHS case was announced by Superintendent of Schools Susie Da Silva and Aaron Crook, the school system’s COVID-19 liaison and head of nursing.

“This individual was in the RHS building and potentially infectious on Monday, Oct. 26, Tuesday, Oct. 27, and Thursday Oct. 29,” Crook wrote.

“Please continue to practice mitigation efforts of mask wearing, hand washing and social distancing,” he added.

After a weekend where four cases in Ridgefield’s two middle schools came to light, the school administration decided Monday to place both middle schools and the high school on “remote learning” for two weeks, while the elementary schools were returned to cohorting, with half the students going to school Mondays and Tuesdays, and the other half going Thursdays and Fridays, and a deep cleaning of the school buildings on Wednesdays.

It was part of a change from a “low risk” of COVID-19 model to a “moderate risk” model.

Since students haven’t gone to Ridgefield High School in person since Monday, the fact that the person whose case was announced Thursday was in the school and potentially infections Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday of this week suggests the person was not a student but possibly a staff member.