Ridgefield marks 1 year since Russia's invasion of Ukraine with flag raising: 'Ukraine must win'

RIDGEFIELD — About a dozen people gathered in front of Town Hall Saturday to honor the Ukrainian people, at the one year mark of the war against Ukraine. Friday marked one year since the Russian invasion.

A new Ukrainian flag was raised at the event, said Annetta Hewko, a Ridgefield resident and chairman of Ridgefield Responds, a nonprofit organization founded in 2005 that's engaged in efforts to help the people of Ukraine.  

"We had a moment of silence to honor the fallen soldiers and civilians, and to recognize their resilience and resolve," she said."I have a lot of respect for the resilience and the resolve of the Ukrainian people. They are fighting for not just their own sovereignty, independence and democracy. I believe (their fight) is symbolic for all of us — for the world because the outcome of this will set a precedent."

Hewko said she and others feel there's "only one possible constructive outcome" of the war, and "Ukraine must win."

She displayed a sign — one she had seen a woman hold at a protest last year — that says "If Russia stops fighting, there's no more war. If Ukraine stops fighting, there's no more Ukraine."

"I think it says it all," she said. "It is still the truth."

She said the U.S. needs to continue to support Ukraine.

Ross Voytovych, a Ridgefield resident from Ukraine who is involved with Ridgefield Responds, reflect on a year of war. 

"As we live through the one year mark of the Russian invasion, myraids of thoughts are crossing my mind," he said. "The main questions are 'why' and 'how?" ... Ukraine is immensely grateful for the help from the U.S. and the West ... We, Ukrainians, along with other civilized nations, will be victorious and help it. God Slava Ukraini (Glory be to Ukraine) God Bless America."