Young author pens new novel

Blackmail for Breakfast, a novel by Chris Bedell, Ridgefield High School Class of 2012, is now available for purchase as an e-book on the Amazon Kindle Store and Amazon Kindle app.

Mr. Bedell said Blackmail for Breakfast “is a young adult story about a revenge plot that has more layers than anyone could ever imagine.”

The novel is about teenagers Maddie, Sebastian, Chloe, and Damien, who are all involved in the murder of Chloe’s ex-boyfriend, Chace.

Mr. Bedell said Blackmail for Breakfast can be compared to his previous novel, The Outsider, as both works deal with bullying. But what sets Blackmail for Breakfast apart from The Outsider is the high stakes.

“Arson, attempted murder, social sabotage, and blackmail are things that Maddie, Sebastian, Damien, and Chloe have to deal with,” Mr. Bedell said.

There will be eight books total, and Mr. Bedell said he has already finished several sequels. He is currently working on getting the Blackmail for Breakfast sequel, Partners in Crime, ready to be put on the Amazon Kindle Store.

His previous credits include essays on the online magazine Thought Catalog as well as the short story “Surface Tension,” which was published this past August online in Crab Fat Literary Magazine. He is currently a junior at Fairleigh Dickinson University. He’s majoring in creative writing.