The faces of women are staring out from the wall in Town Hall’s front foyer.

There are 23 of them, and all but one are people Ridgefielders might well see walking and talking, or behind a desk in town hall. They work there. There’s the tax collector and the treasurer and the town clerk and also the faces of a lot of women who don’t hold offices, but work in them — keeping records, giving out licenses, typing, filing, keeping track of things so the administration of the town runs well and smoothly and citizens can get what they need in the way of documents and information.

With the town hall workers is one historical figure, the famed suffragist Alice Paul, who lived for many years on Branchville Road.

The portrait project, as it is sometimes called, was conceived by Ridgefielder Suzanne Benton as part of the Women’s Suffrage Centennial celebrations in town. The portraits were painted by local artists.

The artworks were installed in town hall by Holly Hawthorn, Leonor Dao and ShawnaLee Kwashnak.

The women in the portraits, and the artists who painted them are: Molly McGeehin by Nicole Bricker; Victoria Gasperino by Amy Kaplan; Lois Tebbutt by Alice Hayes; Karen Gaudian by Gay Schempp; Wendy Campbell Gibson by Randi Jane Davis; Christina Santioanni by Matthew Chavez; Stephanie Neves by Cindy Wagner; Nancy Brandon by Rebecca Ross; Patricia Pacheco by Martha Talbott; Wendy Gannon Lionetti by Suzanne Benton; Alice Paul by Suzanne Benton; Ann McCarthy by Leonor Dao; Amy Escribano by ShawnaLee Kwashnak; Laurie Fernandez by Fruma Markowitz; Marguerite Amente by Steve Parton; Hollie Rapp by Holly Hawthorn; Leslie McDevitt by Jane Fleischner; Jane Berendsen-Hill by Clarice Shirvell; Suzanne Browning by Manushi Raj; Jane Przekora by Elaine Clayton; Caitlin Bartolo by Julie Hopkins; Betsy Sharlach by Louise Cadoux.

A formal presentation of group portrait to the town is planned for Oct. 20 at 11 a.m.