Working from home, Ridgefield town leader looks out on a different world

RIDGEFIELD — Working by a window, cup of coffee in hand — and maybe still in his pajamas with a Yankees ballcap on — First Selectman Rudy Marconi gazes out at the joggers, dog walkers and morning strollers who provide an ever-changing parade on the sidewalks of the town’s cherished Main Street.

Something bugs him.

“I can watch people on Main Street, walking up and down — with no masks,” he said.

Most people do veer away from each other these days, up on the lawn of the Victorian home Marconi and his wife Peggy live in, or the lawn of the neighboring house. But Marconi estimates the number of people wearing face coverings to protect against the novel coronavirus is only about 30 percent.

“Masks — some people take it lightly,” he said. “If they or a good friend ever caught the virus and went through it on a more serious level, they would feel differently. They really would.”

Marconi knows what he’s talking about. He came down with COVID-19, the disease caused by the coronavirus, in early April, and has been confined to his home ever since.

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