With Frey stepping down, GOP seeks candidates

With longtime State Representative John Frey not seeking re-election to the 111th District seat in the state House of Representatives, Ridgefield’s Republican Party is looking for a candidate. Selectman Bob Hebert has announced his intention to seek the nomination, but the party welcomes other candidates.

The Ridgefield Republican Town Committee has also revised some of its rules do adapt to the coronavirus situation, with nominating authority being transferred from a caucus — which any registered Ridgefield Republican could attend — to the Republican Town Committee.

In the letter below Republican Town Committee vice chairman Rick Matte outlines the changes.

GOP letter

Dear fellow Ridgefield Republicans,

You may have read in our recent communications that John Frey has made the decision to not seek re-election to the 111th district state representative seat in November. John has served with distinction and we would like to reiterate our thanks to him for his 22 years of service.

As we prepare for the transition to a new state representative it is important to inform you, our Republican community, of some important procedural changes that will occur this year.

1. If you are interested in putting your name forward for the Republican nomination please contact the Ridgefield Republican Town Committee (RRTC) via Mike Raduazzo at Mike.raduazzo@gmail.com or Rick Matte at rick.matte@gmail.com.

2. The nomination for this seat is typically elected via a caucus, open to all registered Ridgefield Republicans. However, given restrictions on social gathering, the Ridgefield RTC made a revision to its bylaws for this year only. For this year’s nomination, the 21 member Republican Town Committee will vote to nominate the Republican Party’s candidate for the 111th district. Therefore, contacting the RTC to express interest in the nomination is critical.

3. The RTC is currently scheduled to elect the Republican nominee at its regularly scheduled committee meeting on May 21st.

Thank you.

Rick Matte, Vice Chairman

Ridgefield Republican Town Committee, April 23