Wildlife agency asks for help with bobcat sightings

Seen any overly large tabby cats lately? The state’s Department of Energy and Environmental Protection (DEEP) is asking residents to help it keep track of the state’s bobcat population. Resident sightings help the department better understand how many of the wild cats roam the state, and where, the Ridgefield Police Department said in a Facebook post on Monday.

Those who share a bobcat sighting should include the date of the sighting, the location and town where the animal was spotted, the number of bobcats seen, and whether any of the animals appeared to have ear tags or collars that are used to monitor the population.

Residents may email any sightings — along with any photos — to deep.ctwildlife@ct.gov. They may also share the sighting on the Fish and Wildlife Facebook page (www.facebook.com/CTFishandWildlife).

The observations may also be recorded using the iNaturalist app, which is available free for Apple and Android devices.