Whip Underground: Latest beauty trends, close to home

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Amy Pal doesn’t do anything halfway.

That’s why when she opened Whip Blow Dry Bar + Salon in downtown Ridgefield last fall the pistons already began firing about how to improve her new business.

“I like to do things at 100%,” said Pal, who opened Whip Underground in a hip renovated “underground” space at 23 Governor St. in June.

“My whole passion is about finding trends, and that’s what I’ve tried to do throughout my career here in Ridgefield,” she said. “First it was with the spin studio (JoyRide), and then the blowdry bar. The next thing I noticed is all encompassed in the underground, and that’s things that people are wild about right now — including eyelash extensions, and microblading.

In order to bring the latest cosmetic trends to Whip Underground, Pal hired the best in the business.

Eyelash extensions

Cathy Bull is Whip Underground’s Master Eyelash Extension Artist. She has more than eight years of experience.

Eyelash extensions at Whip Underground are made of single strands of high-grade silk that are curved to replicate a natural eyelash. They are applied to each individual natural eyelash, one by one, for a natural and luscious look that lasts four to six weeks.

Bull uses only the highest quality products and has an extensive knowledge of the medical grade glues used in the process — including those for sensitive eyes.

Clients love the extensions for everyday wear because they just wake up and go with beautiful lashes, according to Pal.

"You can throw away your mascara,” she said. “It’s a relatively new trend but it’s exciting to see there’s a really high demand for it here.”

Clients choose from a “Classic” look (a single silk extension applied one by one to each individual natural lash) or a “Russian Volume Technique,” in which multiple extensions are applied to a single natural lash creating depth, volume and texture.


Microblading is perhaps the newest cosmetic craze. Microblading can partially or fully camouflage missing eyebrow hair with the appearance of simulated hair, through semi-permanent color pigment. The pigments last up to 18 months, producing the look of natural hair strokes and enhancing the natural features of the face.

Whip Underground’s Microblading specialist is Carolina Villalon, who trained at the Scar Treatment and Recovery Center in Southern California. Part of Villalon’s training included apprenticing with Guadalupe Ponte, who is considered one of the best in the cosmetic tattooing business. The experience ignited her passion for microblading and she learned the most cutting-edge techniques.

“Younger clients use microblading it for a cosmetic flair, while other clients use it to fill in missing eyebrow hair,” she said. “Different things resonate with different people and that’s why we offer all these unique services to fit a variety of needs.”

For more information on Whip Underground or to book an appointment visit WhipSalon.com, call 203-442-6444 or email info@whipsalon.com.