FORT DODGE, Iowa (AP) — The Webster County board has approved a plan to restore the county courthouse clock tower.

The Board of Supervisors on Tuesday approved the estimated $5.3 million restoration project plans, which also includes roof repairs. A public hearing on the plans is set for Jan. 7 at the courthouse in Fort Dodge, the Messenger reported.

Project Engineer Paul Jacobson said the clock tower project will strategically replace the clock tower’s aged — and in places, deteriorating — copper exterior.

“In other words, the copper that is good, we are keeping,” Jacobson said. “It all comes down, and the stuff that’s good goes back up, or it’s replaced.”

Crews will try to replicate the patina of the old copper sheathing by treating the new pieces, but Jacobson acknowledged the clocktower will have a two-toned look for a while until the new pieces develop a full green patina.

New lighting will also illuminate all four sides of the restored tower, Board Chairman Mark Campbell said.

“The clock tower has always been a landmark, an icon to Webster County,” Campbell said. “It’s very important to us to make sure we maintain that.”

Officials hope to have the project completed by Dec. 18, 2020.