Did you know that food and shelter are in the hierarchy of needs? I did not know that because I take food and shelter for granted. Apparently calls for food assistance have gone up 5 times the usual amount during COVID-19.

Ways you can help is make a donation to our Town Pantry by calling Social Services at Town Hall in Ridgefield. Please call them and get directives. There also is going to be a Community Food Drive at the Danbury Fair Mall Aug. 7 and 8.

Items needed are: Rice, peanut butter, canned tuna, pasta, pasta sauce, mac and cheese, all beans, cereal, soups including Ramen. There is a comprehensive list on the Ridgefield Prevention Council Facebook page.

RPC’s mission is to help our community. We often think of Prevention as being about drugs, alcohol, vaping, smoking etc ... but maybe we ought to think about the basics.

I ate my way through the pandemic during lockdown. (I know we are still on it, however I am speaking of the early part). Never in our lifetimes have we been in a situation like this. How lucky for me I had food and our grocery stores had food.