Grassy Plain Vape and Smoke, the Bethel vapeshop and CBD retailer, has opened a new location next to the Country Diner and the cigar shop on Route 7.

“We sell everything from pipes to CBD and vaping accessories,” said Matthew Osmun, who owns the business with his brother Jonathan. “Along with with candles and incense and things of that nature.”

He opened up shop a little more than a month ago, and said the business has done well at the Route 7 location.

The new shop technically sits in Redding, but has a mailing address in Ridgefield, he told The Press.

The brothers opened their original location in Bethel about five years ago, Osmun said.

Cannabidiol, or CBD, is a compound found in marijuana which provides a calming sensation rather than the high typically associated with pot.

CBD sold in the US is derived from hemp, a non-psychoactive cousin of the marijuana plant which was outlawed until the 2018 federal farm bill gave farmers the right to grow it. The new law kicked off a goldrush of products containing CBD oil derived from hemp.

Researchers have shown the substance is also effective in treating epilepsy — in 2018, the FDA approved Epidiolex, a drug containing CBD, to treat two forms of childhood epilepsy.

The Route 7 shop won’t be the only CBD retailer near Ridgefield. The Pharm Stand, a store devoted to CBD products, plans to open on Main Street later this year.

Osmun, a former plumber, said his shop offers a 10% discount to customers who have a medical marijuana card from the state, and said the business sees a number of customers who turn to vaping as a means to quit smoking. Some have told him they haven’t smoked in a year after switching to vaping, he said.

The brothers opened their original location in Bethel about five years ago, Osmun said.

He doesn’t see the business for vapes going up in smoke any time soon. “The concern isn’t a flash in the pan, it’s more what the FDA is going to do to flavors and such,” he said.

After rates of youth vaping exploded in recent years, the FDA introduced new regulations designed to curtail how flavored vape products and cigarettes could be sold, designed to make it harder for minors to get a hold of the flavored nicotine products that have proven most popular, and addicting.

Osmun said he thinks youth vaping is a “legitimate concern.” He expects the industry will change as regulations tighten. In October, the state’s minimum age to purchase tobacco products — including vapes — will be raised from 18 to 21, a move Osmun said he supports.

“It’s hard to predict what’s going to happen, you just have to be able to roll with it,” he said.