71 gallons of gas spills at Valero

RIDGEFIELD — Fire Department Chief Jerry Myers said Friday that 71 gallons of gasoline spilled at the Valero gas station on the corner of Route 7 and Danbury Road early Friday.

Myers said the spill occurred about 30 minutes after Standard Oil began filling up the station’s tanks at around 3 a.m.

A neighboring business alerted the fire department, after they smelled gasoline, around 7:30 a.m.

“We traced the spill back to Valero and they provided us with the info. It was an oversight not calling us. A spill means you need to call us — that’s a rule,” Myers said.

The gas did not spill into the Little Pond in the Norwalk River watershed, which sits just south of the property.

“None of the gasoline has reached the pond it’s all boomed up,” Myers said. “[It] does not look like it reached the pond.”

Authorities from the state’s Department of Energy and Environmental Protection took control of the scene around the same time the Fire Department arrived, Myers said.

McVac Environmental, a New Haven-based environmental remediation company, is performing work at the site.