Two-week 'Fall in Love with Ridgefield' has lively start

Warm weather, window painting, scarecrows and selfies got Fall in Love with Ridgefield off to an lively start this weekend.

“I think it went well. There was a lot of activity in town,” said Mary Jones of Rodier Fowers, the president of the Downtown Ridgefield merchants association.

What has traditionally been a weekend event is being spread out over the last two weekends of October this year to avoid drawing large close crowds in this era of concern about COVID-19.

This weekend kicked it off with deejay Big Daddy playing tunes in front of town hall, scarecrows from the Keeler Tavern’s contest on display up and down Main Street, the traditional Halloween window painting taking place, and the launch of the Downtown Ridgefield selfie contest — a new event this year.

“The DJ was very well received — everyone loved it, put everyone in a festive mood,” Jones said.

“There was a lot of action in town Saturday and on Sunday with the young teens painting windows downtown.

“The scarecrows from Keeler Tavern are as good if not better than ever, and the touchless voting from your cell phone continues.” (People may vote liking a favorite scarecrow on the Keeler Tavern Facebook page:

“And the merchants are continuing to put out new fall and holiday products so there’ll be something new for people to see when they come to town over the next few weeks.”

The “Fall in Love with Ridgefield: Where am I?’ selfie contest will go on until Oct. 31.

Terri Garlick of Craig’s Fine Jewelry explained how it works.

“Shoppers are asked to take a selfie of themselves in a Downtown Ridgefield shop, restaurant, or organization and share on the Downtown Ridgefield Facebook or Instagram page with the hashtag, #downtownridgefieldandme.

“Selfies can be creative, it’s really up to the poster,” she said.

“For posting on Facebook,, simply post your picture to the page with the hashtag.

“For Instagram,, simply DM your picture to the page with the hashtag.

“We will be checking daily and posting the selfies,” she said.

“Each person that posts five selfies will get a free gift, and the three most creative photos will receive a $100, $75 and $50 Downtown Ridgefield gift certificates,” she said. “The gift certificates will be awarded in early November.”

As part of the effort to spread out the event, the selfie contest will go on until Saturday, Oct. 31 — Halloween!

“We’re going to continue with the selfie contast for the next few weeks” said Jones. “So, come on down.”