Two million dollar homes sold in Ridgefield this week

Seven houses, two condominiums and one townhouse, worth a total of $7,123,500 changed hands in deeds filed with Town Clerk Wendy Lionetti from Aug. 21 to Aug. 27. Ridgefield property transfers include:

967 Ethan Allen Highway, Unit 1: 590 Danbury Road LLC to 967 Ethan Allen Highway LLC, Aug. 21, $550,000.

124 Armand Road: Katherine Castano to Jacob and Lissette Schoenly of Brooklyn, N.Y., Aug. 22, $725,000.

56 Aspen Ledges Drive: Wendy Weaver to Reginaldo and Joyce Farias of Lakeside Drive, Aug. 22, $535,000.

74 Norrans Ridge Drive: Stephanie Landau of Danbury to Martin and Jenny Hlavac of Danbury Road, Aug. 23, $1,050,000.

14 Harrison Court: Andrew and Deborah Colton to Zheng Cai and Xiaoyan Bi of Wynnewood, Pa., Aug. 26, $850,000.

515 Main Street, Unit 4 (Ludington Court): 509 Main Street LLC of Danbury Road to Robert and Andrea Calabro of Tackora Trail, Aug. 26, $1,365,000.

9 Powderhorn Drive: Patricia Trumbull to Ravikumar Raju and Krishne Gowda, Aug. 27, $605,000.

40 Still Road: Anthony and Liya Grubic to Scott and Zilda Drever of Haviland Road, Aug. 27, $619,000.

27 Mimosa Court: Daniel and Chelsea Church to Jorge Lopez and Gloria Izaguierre of Frisco, Texas, Aug. 27, $592,500.

1 Olive Lane (Fox Hill): Elizabeth Riina of Norwalk to Bozena Mazurek, Aug. 27, $232,000.