Two more COVID-19 cases at Ridgefiled High School have come to light — one that prompted contact tracing and one where it was determined the person was not in the building when infectious.

The start of contract tracing efforts was relayed in an announcement Thursday evening, Nov. 12, of someone in the RHS community testing positive for COVID-19.

“This individual was potentially infectious when they were in the RHS building on Thursday, November 5, and Friday, November 6,” Aaron Crook, the schools’ COVID-19 liasion, said in a message forwarded to the school community by Superintendent of Schools Susie Da Silva

“... We have begun contact tracing,” Crook said.

Members of The RHS community will hear from RHS Principal Jacob Greenwood after contact tracing has been completed, he said.

There was also a positive test result announced by Crook and Da Silva on Wednesday, Nov. 11.

“This individual was not in the RHS building during a period in which they could have been infectious to others,” Crook said. “I have conferred with Town of Ridgefield Health Department Director Ed Briggs and RPS Medical Advisor Dr. James Ahern about this case and there is no RPS contact tracing needed.”

Crook added, “The CDC has also updated guidance on mask wearing and now states that masks not only protect others from catching COVID-19 from an infected individual, but they also protect the mask wearer from contracting the virus. Please wear a mask.”