Ridgefield might consider branding the last week in July as Crazy Pet Week.

For the second straight day, there are reports of a pet tortoise that has apparently escaped a Ridgefield home.

According to a Facebook post, a turtle was seen crossing Silver Hill Road in Ridgefield over the weekend.

The post said that the pet — a sulcata tortoise — is not Tanya, the turtle that was reported yesterday to have run away from her Mamanasco Road home last week.

“It’s not Tanya,” wrote one reisdent on Wednesday, July 31. “The owner saw the post already.”

Mamanasco Road is on Ridgefield’s northern end, while Silver Hill Road is on the southern side of town. It’s unlikely that the two pets are one in the same but they do bare a resemblance.

They’re not the only two pets to go missing this week. A homing pigeon was seen wandering around the Branchville area Tuesday afternoon.