Driving on Ridgefield’s Main Street today? You might want to look for an alternative route.

Utility crews are at the intersection of Main Street and Prospect Street digging up the road in advance of the state’s realignment project scheduled for spring of 2021.

A utility worker on the scene told The Ridgefield Press that road work was expected to last until the early afternoon on Wednesday, Nov. 13.

He did not expect work to take place on Thursday, Nov. 14.

There was a Ridgefield police officer at the scene directing cars on Main Street around 9:30 a.m. Traffic was minimal at that time on both Main Street and Prospect Street but backups are expected.

Following the digging, the state’s Department of Transportation will finalize designs and engineering, along with the town of Ridgefield, and send the project out to bid.

The bid effort will occur early next year.

“The project continues to move forward and we anticipate starting the bulk of the project during spring 2021,” Charles Robbins told The Press earlier this summer.