Town hall trees: Marconi wants to move up planting

Responding to popular demand, First Selectman Rudy Marconi says he wanted to move up the schedule for planting new trees in front of town hall.

There had been a thought to hold off a bit, maybe get a landscape architect involved, possibly make the replanting part of the larger state-led Main Street renovation plan scheduled in a couple of years.

Town officials were getting some feedback from people who said they enjoyed the new unimpeded view of town hall.

But now, sentiment appears to be shifting.

“I’m being asked, and I think we’ll probably move that up, put some trees in a little earlier,” Marconi said.

“Most people are getting used to seeing the building and say: ‘I see the building, We need trees now.’ Architecturally it’s a great building, but people are saying it could use a couple of trees in front — a little green never hurt anyone.