Tommy, 6-month-old tuxedo kitten looking for a loving family

Tommy, a 6-month-old tuxedo kitten is looking for a loving home.

Tommy, a 6-month-old tuxedo kitten is looking for a loving home.

ROAR-Donofrio Family Animal Shelter

Walking through the doors to the ROAR cat room can be a great experience when the first feline to greet you is the adorable little Tommy. Each time I enter, this little face with the expressive eyes comes directly to me, tilts his little head to the side and says, “Hello! I've missed you!” Because he puts a smile on your face it’s impossible not to reach out to him and say, “Let's play!”

Tommy is a friendly and outgoing 6-month-old who loves to explore every space in the cat room. He enjoys toys of all kinds, loves to play with other cats, and will purr loudly when you cuddle with him.

Tommy is an energetic boy. It would make him so happy to be in a home where during the day he can interact with family members to keep up his playful spirit.

There are too many words to list that describle the personality of this joyful little tuxedo. Not only is he cute and handsome, but he has the silkiest fur imaginable.

There is a song called “You Light Up My Life.” Tommy will bring that sparkle into your life.

Tommy is current with his vaccinations and has been neutered and microchipped. To meet Tommy, call 203-438-0158 during open hours to set up an appointment. The ROAR-Donofrio Family Animal Shelter is locted at 45 South St. Our website gives information about adoptable animals, adoption procedures and volunteering.