Thrift Shop: Visitors from around the world

One of the many joys of volunteering at the Ridgefield Thrift Shop is meeting the many wonderful customers who come to check out the store every day. Recently, one couple told us they came from out of town specifically to visit the thrift shop. While they were here, they toured Main Street and fell in love. So much, in fact, that they ended up moving to town! All because they came to explore a local thrift shop they had heard so much about.

Another couple was visiting from England to help clear out a family member’s house and brought many generous donations to the store. While they were here, they found some designer clothing to take back with them overseas! The thrift shop has even had busloads of visitors lined up at the door when we open, one of their designated shopping “stops” for the day!

The fun doesn’t end there. One of our members recently got a call from her daughter in Maryland. Her daughter had erroneously received a delivery meant for another address across town. She didn’t know the other resident, but decided to hand deliver it just the same. The woman was thrilled to receive her package, and invited her in to thank her for her thoughtfulness. The daughter admired the homeowner’s sense of style and was quick to compliment her taste. The homeowner proudly responded that when they visited her husband’s family in a little town in Connecticut called Ridgefield, they always made time to visit an amazing store: The Ridgefield Thrift Shop!.

We love our loyal local shoppers, and enjoy chatting with them when they stop by. But it’s always fun to learn of those who have traveled from afar to browse our aisles.

Diana Arfine