Things to do at home during the summer of COVID

How do we keep busy and not go crazy during the Summer of COVID?

Cards, crafts, distance beaching or swimming? I was unsure.

So, I Googled it.

1). De-stress. De-stress? Home schooling kids, mom and dad working from home with potentially grandma and grandpa in the same home. HHHMMMMM….. ok, let’s go with that.

2.). Exercise. Gyms just reopened and perhaps yoga at home or some video workout.

3). Garden. That’s a good one assuming you do not have a black thumb as opposed to a green one.

4). Travel-virtually.

5). Watch TV or movies.

6). Learn a new skill-guitar, piano, a language.

7). Broaden your mind.

8). Listen to podcast or Books on Tape.

9). Attend church either in person or virtually.

10.) Volunteer — now we are talking. Do you know how many elderly are in nursing homes who no one comes to visit? Maybe call up some around our area and see if you can brighten someone’s day.

We all have to adjust to the New Normal. In the meantime, know that you are not alone. There are many therapists who are doing online sessions. If you are feeling unsure or down in the dumps, please call them. Enjoy the summer!!

LouAnn Daprato