The Odd Couple (Female Version), the classic Neil Simon comedy about two mismatched roommates, opens Thursday, Nov. 14, at Ridgefield High School and continues through the next weekend. This hilarious, gender-swapped version opened on Broadway nearly 20 years after the original premiered to great acclaim in 1967.

Caroline Malley, who plays the roommates’ friend Sylvie, says that although this adaptation was written in 1985, it’s still very relevant today.

“There’s a moment in the first act when a character says ‘I would never [pay] support [to] an ex-husband, not until women are getting the same pay as men.’ Though in the past forty years we've bridged some of that gap, the workplace sexism and discrimination that is so tied to the 80s didn't just go away with time,” Malley said. “It is still a part of the conversation today, and is often a topic for female friends to discuss,” which the women do when they gather for rousing games of Trivial Pursuit throughout the play.

While the show does deal with some more serious subjects at times, Malley says the play is also a lot of fun.

“It's about a group of friends who love each other very much,” she said. “It’s Neil Simon, so it’s a comedy, and in the end, the play shows all the characters supporting one another through it all.”

In the cast are Callie Amill, Eleanor Andresen, Lucy Basile, Liam Huff, Kyra Linekin, Caroline Malley, Tyler Munson and Sophia Smith. Nate Cohen, Motria Holian, Audrey Huff, Andie Kiernan, Reed Koh, Camryn Liem, Lilliana Matte, Henry Regnery, and Charlie Ward are the understudies.

The play is directed by RHS performing arts teacher Sherry Cox. Shane Jaeger is the stage manager and Matt Carpenter, Maeve Cunningham, Leah Dodd, Emma Kiernan and Sarah Tonra are the running crew. Jonah Pereyra leads a lighting crew consisting of Bella Caterina, Olivia Clausen, Conor Hankla, Kiralyse Hermann, Maiki Muursepp, and Tess Williams. Dennis Dowding works the sound board with Harrison Cluney, Ava Cowles, Caroline DelGiudice, Emma Joyce, Maya Pereyra and Jack Schaefer. Kaitlyn Mitchell is assisted with makeup by Vanessa Diana, Ana Kowalcyk and Patricia Lourenso.

The Odd Couple will have five evening performances, Nov. 14-16 and 22-23 at 7:30 pm, with understudy-led matinee performance on Nov.. 17 at 2 p.m. Tickets are $15 for adults, $10 for students with school ID and for seniors age 60+. Ridgefield seniors who have a Gold Card may enjoy one show for free but must have the Gold Card with them for admission. Tickets will be sold at the door. Online sales are at; RHS telephone: 203-894-5750.