Tax-paying neighbors should have say with zoning reg changes

To the Editor:

Ridgefield Voters United does not support Planning and Zoning Commission Chairman Rebecca Mucchetti’s proposal to change the square footage maximum of accessory dwelling units from 900 to 1,200 square feet.

There has been no concrete data presented to back up why this proposal is being put forth, in addition to the fact it does not even address the needs of affordable housing in Ridgefield.

Additionally, we are completely dumbfounded as to why the chairman is proposing to take approval/denial responsibility away from the other duly-elected board members. This ill-conceived change would circumvent regulations put in place to protect residents.

Putting this responsibility solely into the hands of a department that the director of zoning himself said is short staffed is baffling. Chances are without “Letters of Notice” to tax-paying neighbors this could easily become a contentious issue within neighborhoods and neighbors.

Board member Robert Hendrick took the time to research how other towns handle the sizes of ADU’s and found all base them on the square footage of the existing home. This is completely in contrast to the chairman’s blanket approach.

We strongly feel that this decision should be put on hold until all questions are answered with facts. It would be prudent to thoroughly investigate this and other options available before any final decisions are made.

Lori Mazzola, Ridgefield Voters United spokesperson, Feb. 16