Tabby needs new home after owner passes on

Tiger Lilly, the tabby needs a home.

Tiger Lilly, the tabby needs a home.

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Just 60 seconds will change your life! That’s how quickly you will fall in love with our tabby princess, Tiger Lily. Many of our cats go through life-changing events. Tiger Lily lost her beloved human and is here at ROAR to be rescued again.

People who have visited our cat room immediately find themselves petting and rubbing her head, all the while feeling an instant connection to an adoring, sweet feline. You can chat with her and she will listen with rapt attention.

Not only does Tiger Lily miss her owner, but also misses her gentle dog buddies. She is a gorgeous brown tabby with dark stripes and scattered spots.

At this time of year, Tiger Lily hopes a little “luck” will enter her life. Visitors will know that she is their perfect match and will be whisked into a new home to be a fortunate rescue cat.

Tiger Lily is a young 7, delights in gentle humans, is up to date with all necessary vaccinations, and has been spayed. Her life will be changed, too!

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