Sweet, senior American Bulldog mix, Zoe seeks a forever home



Contributed photo.

November is Adopt a Senior Pet month. Consider that just because you’re adopting a pet at an older age, doesn’t mean your bond won’t be as deep. The aging process can be scary for dogs and they can appreciate you giving them comfort, protection and love.

Would you like to “make the most of this beautiful day?” Let me introduce you to our sweet, senior American Bulldog mix, Zoe.

Zoe is nearly 8-years old and “always wanted to live in a neighborhood.” Sadly, that was not to be the case. Instead she lacked exercise and care and grew to be more than 20 pounds overweight. Upon being surrendered to our shelter, a healthy diet and plenty of exercise by the volunteers has put her back on a healthy path.

While Zoe is very unfond of cats she does love people. Zoe has simple expectations; a stroll or two around the block with you will make her happy. A cozy place to hang out with a family is what she craves most.

Zoe is spayed, micro-chipped and up-to-date on vaccinations. If you happen to be a senior yourself, ROAR will waive her $200 application fee. In addition, ROAR will provide the food Zoe needs to stay fit and trim, as well as current medications needed to keep her feeling fine.

You can meet Zoe at the ROAR Donofrio Family Animal Shelter located at 45 South Street. Go to www.roar-ridgefield.org to learn more.

In the thoughtful words of Mr. Rogers, Zoe would like to share this with you,“So let’s make the most of this beautiful day. Would you be mine? Could you be mine? Won’t you please?”