Hebert defends campaign mailer that Berger-Girvalo says has 'number of misrepresentations'

RIDGEFIELD — Democratic incumbent Aimee Berger-Girvalo is debunking what she says are false claims in a campaign mailer circulated by her opponent, who defended the mailer on Thursday. 

Her campaign team said the mailer received by Ridgefield residents on Monday featured a "number of misrepresentations" of her voting record and “two verifiably false claims perpetuated and approved by Selectman Bob Hebert.” Hebert, a Republican selectman in town, is challenging Berger-Girvalo, who is in her first term representing the 111th House District, which includes most of Ridgefield. 

The mailer, provided by Berger-Girvalo's team, says it was paid for by "Bob Hebert for State Rep." and approved by him. 

As well as promoting Hebert’s campaign for office, the mailer includes a column comparing Hebert’s and Berger-Girvalo’s positions on “Crime,” “Education,” “Affordability,” “Local Control of Zoning” and “Town Meetings.”

The mailer claims she voted against a "working-class income tax cut," but she "actually voted against proposed amendments which would have weakened the legislation’s provisions meant to benefit Ridgefield’s citizens,” her campaign said. Her campaign provided her voting record.

In a statement, Hebert pointed to her opposition to the Republican's $1.2 billion tax relief package. 

The flyer also says she "supported" the Police Accountability Bill, but she did not vote on the 2020 law because she didn't become a state representative until 2021.

Hebert said that while Berger-Girvalo “did not vote on the original bill itself, when in office she was faced with the opportunity to amend the bill and fix the core concern of police officers, the erosion of the legal protections afforded to police officers, and Aimee Berger-Girvalo voted NO.” Hebert also provided a vote tally that demonstrated Berger-Girvalo voted “no” to amend the bill.

Additionally, Hebert said Berger-Girvalo voted against a 2022 amendment that would restore consent searches of motor vehicles and provided a copy of the vote tally that demonstrated Berger-Girvalo voted “no.” He noted he's endorsed by the Connecticut Fraternal Order of Police, the Connecticut State Police Union and the Ridgefield Police Union.

The mailer had claimed Berger-Girvalo "hasn't attended ANY" town meetings and "voted in support of recreational marijuana without ever attending a meeting." Her campaign debunked the claim by providing minutes from a Sept. 22, 2021 Ridgefield Board of Selectmen meeting where she discussed research "behind the development" of polices related to cannabis retail, among other topics. Minutes show Hebert attended that meeting. 

Hebert said in his statement that Berger-Girvalo's team had to "dig deep to find a meeting she actually participated in."   

He added she didn't attend a town meeting but a Board of Selectmen meeting.

Both candidates are long-time Ridgefield residents.

This story was updated after initial publication with comments from Hebert.