St. Mary’s warns of text scam

Photo of Peter Yankowski
Cell Phone showing call from, Spam Likely. (Dreamstime/TNS)

Cell Phone showing call from, Spam Likely. (Dreamstime/TNS)

Picasa / TNS

St. Mary’s Church is advising its parishioners of a text scam in which someone posing as Monseigneur Kevin Royal has asked the recipient to call him.

Carolyn Haitsch, the church’s communication’s director, said the texts did not ask for money. Two parishioners have received the texts purporting to be from the leader of the Roman Catholic church on Catoonah Street.

In an email to parishioners, the church said the texts originated from a phone number beginning with 310, a Los Angeles area code.

Haitsch said that the congregation’s previous leader, Monseigneur Laurence Bronkiewicz, had also received messages from an apparent scammer asking for money.

Haitsch said the church has not contacted the Ridgefield Police Department regarding the alleged scam messages.