Shoebox Holiday Gift Drive: Jesse Lee Church joins effort

Jesse Lee Church is continuing its 20-year tradition of creating Shoebox Gifts for kids and seniors in need in the community. They are joining forces with the Town of Ridgefield Department of Social Services and The Association of Religious Communities in Danbury (ARC) to create and distribute these gift boxes in time for the Christmas holiday, an announcement from the church said.

“COVID-19 has made the demand for these Shoebox Gifts greater than ever, so Jesse Lee is welcoming Shoebox Gift Donations from philanthropic Ridgefielders who want to help spread some holiday cheer this season,” the church said in a statement.

People who want to participate in this heartwarming tradition can leave their Shoebox Gifts at Jesse Lee Church, located at 207 Main St., in Ridgefield. The Shoebox Gift Donation Station is through the church’s double doors facing Main Street. People can drop gifts off anytime between now and Sunday, Dec. 6.

All items must be new (not used).

Gift givers can either purchase a pre-decorated shoebox from Michael’s or Christmas Tree Shop or wrap the top and bottom of a shoebox separately.

They are also asked to “please fill their shoebox full of approved items, and don’t include weapons, items of war or easily breakable items such as glass.

Gift receipts may be included so that an exchange for size or color may be made. Gift cards may also be included.

People can also obtain detailed guidelines at for their shoebox. gift and ideas for popular items for kids and seniors.

People interested in participating in the drive are also asked to use the SignUpGemius link, which they will find on the webpage so that the church “can make sure that everyone who needs a gift this season gets one,” the church also said.

People will also find downloadable labels that they can print, fill out and tape to their box the church is aware about “who to give” the participant’s Shoebox gift to.”

“We are so happy to continue our Shoebox tradition and to extend this opportunity to make a difference to people in need during the holidays to the whole town of Ridgefield this year,” Rob Mayette, Chair of the Jesse Lee Church Mission Outreach Committee said. “COVID had made the need for these Shoebox Gifts greater than ever and we know that together, Jesse Lee, the Town of Ridgefield Social Services, ARC of Danbury and generous givers throughout Ridgefield, can make a real difference to seniors and kids in need this year. THANK YOU in advance for participating!” Mayette said.

Participants are reminded to go to for more information, and to drop their gift off at the Jessse Lee Church Shoebox Donation Station, located at 207 Main St., in Ridgefield on or before Dec. 6.