School’s first day pushed back to Friday in Ridgefield

Susie Da Silva

Susie Da Silva

Contributed / Hearst Connecticut Media

The planned start of school for most Ridgefield Public School students has been pushed back from Thursday to Friday due to Tuesday night’s electrical outages.

Superintendent of School Susie Da Silva announced the change in plans mid-afternoon Wednesday.

“Good afternoon Faculty and Families,” she said in an e-mailed message.

“This morning, we lost power across 5 of our schools. After power was restored, some of those same schools did not have internet and/or phone service. Needed time was lost for training, planning, and technology use. Many schools are running orientations this afternoon, limiting the ability to catch up from time lost this morning.

“As a result of these circumstances, school (in-person and virtual) will be canceled tomorrow,” Da Silva said.

“Given that tomorrow is a canceled day, K-8 will begin Friday with the existing calendar, with Cohort B attending in person and Cohort A engaging virtually with asynchronous activities at home. Monday, Cohort A will attend in person, and Cohort B will engage virtually with asynchronous activities at home.

“Preschool will still begin on 9/3. Full-day kindergarten will continue to begin on 9/8.

“RHS will send a follow-up communication to specify details related to 9th grade orientation and the initial days of school.

“To be clear, your child's cohort calendar (PK-12) will not change as a result of this cancelation.

“This cancelation will require a discussion at a future Board of Education meeting, as this change will impact the 2020-2021 school calendar.”

We apologize for the inconvenience.