The Board of Education approved two gifts for Veterans Park Elementary School totaling more than $5,000 at its Nov. 12 meeting.

The first gift was $2,086 to be used for the purchase of a sensory toolkit and sensory path.

“The sensory path engages students in quick short motor activities that allow students with different levels of arousal, alertness to be available for learning,” a letter from Principal Ellen Tuckner to the board said. “The sensory toolkit is an additional way to provide sensory input for students while they remain in the classroom and engaged in ongoing instruction seamlessly. The toolkit and movement-based activities engage, relax and calm student so that they are more available for learning.”

Tuckner added that sensory breaks promote muscle strengthening, spatial awareness, coordination, and motor planning as well as balance.

The second gift was for $3,086 to be used for the purchase of a GaGaBall Pit.

“The grounds at Veterans Park School do not currently feature this popular and fun game that promotes healthy play,” Tuckner said. “Branchville, Farmingville, and Scotland Elementary Schools do have a gaga pit on their grounds. It will be a welcome feature for all students, our oldest students in particular, that may have tired from the use of our typical playscape feature.”

Both gifts were unanimously approved by the board.

The GaGaBall Pit donation was gifted by two Veterans Park families