School board approves fencing club at Ridgefield High

Fencing is coming to Ridgefield High School.

Athletic Director Dane Street presented a new club sport proposal to the Board of Education at its Dec. 9 meeting and said that there has been much interest in starting up a fencing club within the high school.

“There are several high school students who are interested, and even some middle school students as well,” said Street.

Street explained to the board that the coach of the club will be Michael Martin, owner of Way of the Sword in Ridgefield.

Way of the Sword, located at 21 Governor Street, is a United States Fencing Association-sanctioned fencing academy where children and adults can learn various skills that teach the different types of weapons in a large facility.

“For the longest time, there was only a fencing facility in Danbury, and the students didn’t have the means to just take a bus and get there,” said Street. “This way, Way of the Sword, is right in town and is easily accessible.”

Due to limited space within the high school, the club will meet at the Way of the Sword’s facility.

After discussion about liability insurance and how the club would be running, the board got together and voted to approve the club.

Martin said he was thrilled about the approval.

“I’m very pleased to have this opportunity to help kids differentiate themselves in high school sports,” Martin said Tuesday, Dec. 10.