Schlumberger demolition needs another $221,000

An additional $221,000 for demolition work at the former Schlumberger property was approved by the Board of Finance Tuesday night, Feb. 17. The selectmen will send the request to voters at Town Meeting.

A date for the Town Meeting has not yet been set.

The $221,000 is to take down the Schlumberger library building, which was added to demolition plans after the proposed sale of 12 acres to art collector Eric Diefenbach — who wanted to use the library — was voted down in November.

First Selectman Rudy Marconi told the finance board that of all the buildings in the old Schlumberger complex only the Philip Johnson building — currently being investigated as a possible site for a Maurice Sendak museum — had drawn much interest.

The original $7 million approved by voters for the Schlumberger acquisition included $6 million for the purchase price and another $1 million for purposes like demolition and environmental investigations.

The initial bid for the demolition was $818,000 according to Mr. Marconi.

The town received a $385,000 “brownfields” environmental cleanup grant from the state to help with the costs.

The $221,000 would be added to the total, with the Schlumberger library being added to the project.

Finance Board Chairman Dave Ulmer initially offered a motion to approve $221,000 “for demolition of the library.”

There were laughs when Jill Bornstein specified that the money was to take down “the Schlumberger library.”