“We are not all in the same boat, but we are all in the same storm,” said Sarah Grossman, the new executive director of the Ridgefield Chamber of Commerce. “And we are doing all we can to help each of our members sail through.”

A digital marketing background distinguishes Grossman as she starts her new position.

“Most of my career has been marketing focused,” she said. “I also ran a company that trains and helps small businesses with their digital marketing, be it social media to web development and maintenance.”

Grossman had already been working with the chamber when previous director Kim Bova stepped down.

“With today’s drastically changing economy, the objective was to bring in someone who had both director and digital marketing skills, and therefore could teach and aid members, as well further the presence of the chamber,” she said.

“I very much see my taking on this position as a joining of hands with the Chamber board, as well as our members, to help aid and secure the future of the Ridgefield business community.”

It’s a challenging time for businesses, and her goal is to help them through it.

“Our current objective is to offer the tools and assistance to our members that will ensure they are best able to ‘weather this storm,’ ” she said.

“This includes furthering our Digital Presence Audit offer, health insurance programs, continuing to create online boutiques for Chamber members and more. Our general hopes are for the Chamber and the Ridgefield business community to come together unified and stronger for when the town is able to fully reopen.”

Grossman lives in nearby Brewster, N.Y. She has “two outgoing children” — a son who is five and daughter who is 12. Both attend Brewster schools.

“On weekends you can find us usually hiking or enjoying reading as we are all confirmed book addicts,” she said.

“While I do not live in Ridgefield, I often joke I am an honorary resident as I have lived in many towns that are very close or border Ridgefield for much of my life; Katonah, Waccabuc when I was younger, and now Brewster,” she said.