Ridgefield SAT scores edged upwards in 2019 after hitting a low last year, according to data released by the state from the school’s SAT day last year.

Math scores made the largest gains biggest boost, rising 14 points from an average score of 593 in 2018 to 604 in 2019.

English and language arts scores also improved slightly in 2019, up to an average of 604 points over 598 last year.

The bump in math scores was significant, as administrators have repeatedly said improving math scores across the board is a goal for the district.

A total of 391 students took the test during the school’s SAT day in the spring of 2019, a 96.7 percent participation rate.

A higher percentage of students met the state performance goal in both math and language arts in 2019 than the year before. Of the students tested, 92.6 percent scored 480 points or more on the English section of the test, compared with 93 percent in 2018. In math, 80.4 percent scored 530 points or higher, compared with 77.9 percent the year before.

Of the students who did not meet the state goal, 4.5 percent of students who took the test scored between 420 to 470 points on the English section of the test, and 2.9 percent scored between 200 to 410 points. In math, 16.1 percent of students scored between 420 to 520 points, and 3.4 percent of students scored between 200 to 410 points.

Ridgefield students exceeded the state average SAT scores by more than 100 points on average in math, and 90 points on average in language arts. Across the state, students scored 500 points in math and 514 points in language arts, on average.

In math, Ridgefield’s average score fell in the middle of the other schools in its District Reference Group (DRG), a system the state uses to classify school districts based on the social and economic makeup of their student population.

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1 Darien


2 New Canaan


3 Westport


4 Ridgefield


5 Wilton


6 Weston


7 Region 9


8 State Average


The district scored higher in math than Weston, Wilton, and Region 9 (Redding and Easton), but lower than Westport, New Canaan and Darien. Darien students scored the highest out of the DRG in math, at an average of 628 points. Region 9 students scored the lowest, with an average of 589 points.

In the English and Language Arts section of the test, Ridgefield fell toward the bottom of its DRG, tying with Weston at an average score of 604 points. Ridgefield only topped Region 9, where students scored an average of 591 points in English. New Canaan was the highest scoring district, where students scored an average of 618 points on the English section of the test.

SAT score data and other data from the state can be viewed on the EdSight website.