The owner of a mixed-used building located in Ridgefield’s B-1 commercial zone is proposing to build a small garage and a new parking lot at 33 Ethan Allen Highway.

The applicant, CT Property Assistance LLC, has an incomplete application on file at the town’s Planning and Zoning Department that also seeks $60,000 in building improvements.

According to a summary from Wilton-based McChord Engineering Associates, the property is a third of an acre and has an existing multi-use building that features two retail spaces, a studio apartment, and two two-bedroom apartments plus an office.

“The proposed site development includes the construction of a 22’x38’ garage and new paved parking area,” explained Harry Rocheville, senior engineer. “ A stormwater management system is proposed to control runoff from the proposed development.

He emphasized that the project would comply with the town’s floodplain management regulations, and noted that the site development plan had already received approval from the state’s Department of Transportation and Ridgefield’s Health Department.

“Only minimal earthwork is proposed on-site. ... Minimal filling is required to promote runoff on the new parking areas,” Rocheville wrote.

The building improvements would include creating new walkways.

“... The existing multi-use on-site will also be renovated as part of this project,” Rocheville stated. ‘The proposed improvements are estimated by the owner to cost approximately $60,000.”

On Feb. 28, 2019, the property sold for $680,000.

“The proposed improvements will cost less than 50% of the appraised building value ($168,900) and by definition do not meet the criteria of ‘substantial improvement’ to an existing structure in the floodplain,” the engineer said.