Robust 7, a band of seven Ridgefield High School music students, performed funk and jazz at the Village Tavern on Friday, Nov. 8.

It was the third performance at the Village Tavern this fall for the group.

Drummer Kellan Barrett founded the band his freshman. He was also an original member of the group, along with RHS class of 2019 graduates Emma DiMiceli, Sarah DiMiceli, Jason Bangser and Josh Gardos. All of the members — both original and current — are part of the school’s jazz band.

The new iteration of Robust 7 that at Village Tavern this month, including other original members include Aidan Flaherty (keyboard) and Ryan Sierakowski (bass) as well as new members Nico Mantione (senior, guitar); Dmitri Volkov (junior, trombone), Frank Bua (senior, bari sax), Spencer Carlson (junior, trumpet), Brendan DiMiceli (junior, tenor sax).

The band’sperformances were arranged by RHS Orchestra Director Michael McNamara as a way of giving the students a chance to play in a public forum and hone their skills in front of a live audience.

McNamara’s band “Shere Khan” followed Robust 7 at the three performances this fall.

The student band played a full 45-minute set of music, including an original composition “The Carlson.”

Some members of the group played as part of the Ridgefield Guild of Artists’ Art Walk in August, with David Bryce on drums and Maximus Schoepfer on alto sax.

Their next performance will be at the Holiday Stroll the evening of Dec. 6 in front of the library. They perform as part of Ridgefield Music Matters Mac and Cheese fundraising event.

Although they are called Robust 7, the band sometimes performs with more or fewer members playing, depending on availability.