Walking the roads takes on a significance, becomes cherished routine, amid long days spent at home for the social distancing needed to limit spread of the coronavirus. But cars are also out on paved routes that the drivers of automobiles have long considered their domain.

In Ridgefield with its winding hilly roads, where curve after curve after hilltop limit sight lines, care must be taken by both pedestrians and drivers of vehicles so they can share the road sensibly and safely.

Pedestrians were reminded that they should walk on the side of the road where they are facing oncoming traffic — so they can see cars coming — in a directive from the town emergency management office.

“With the increase of pedestrians on the roads, people are asked to exercise extreme caution while driving and pedestrians should make sure to always face the traffic while walking. Winding roads with no sidewalks make it difficult to know a vehicle is coming from behind, especially if the vehicle is a silent hybrid,” town officials said. “So please, walkers, face the traffic.

“And, please, drivers, be aware of the increase of foot traffic on our roads.”