Change the politics, not the climate.

That was the message that several Ridgefield High School students shared at the Climate Strike protest in New York City on Friday, Sept. 20.

The group included Hannah Boylan, Luke Boylan, Michaela Fitzgerald, Victoria Gibian, and Ruby Saloom.

Earlier this year, Fitzgerald, Gibian, and Hannah Boylan joined protesters at the worldwide Youth Climate Strike in Hartford.

“Our generation is going to feel the repercussions of climate change more than any other generation before it, and that’s why this youth movement has started,” Hannah Boylan told The Press in March.

“The legislators aren’t doing enough — climate change just isn’t a priority for them and that’s what has to change,” Boylan said. “The youth of today are going to be directly affected by this inaction and we’re not going to let it stand any more.”

Ridgefield High School officials had prepared for a student-led protest on Friday, but ultimately there were more administrators on-site than students.