Ridgefielder spots 'kangaroo' on Route 116

A Ridgefielder spotted — and videoed — a kangaroo or wallaby on Route 116 this morning.

Rich Lechner was on his way to work around 5:30 a.m.on Route 116 just past June Road in North Salem — about two miles west of the Ridgefield line.

“I see many types of wildlife on my early morning commute (deer, raccoons, etc.), but never expected to see a kangaroo!” he said.

“It was standing directly in the middle of the road.”

Mr. Lechner stopped and grabbed this video with his iPhone. 

He added, "Sorry for the poor quality (and especially the dreadful background music that was on the radio at the time), but you can clearly see it hopping away in the video."

The wallaby, smaller than a kangaroo, has been known to exist as an escape in Westchester County, where several people have kept them as pets. They are noctural animals.