Ridgefielder’s translation is back in publication

Fatal Destinies, The Edgar Poe Essays by Charles Baudelaire, translated by Joan Fiedler Mele, is back “in print” in digital edition.

It includes new translations by Ms. Mele of an essay first published in the Revue de Paris in 1852, the critical introductions to the 1856 and 1857 French editions of Poe’s work, and four shorter pieces written between 1848 and 1865.

Fatal Destinies was first published in April 1981, receiving broad critical praise. Although copies are available at more than 3,000 public and university libraries, the book has been out of print since 1990 and has now been released in a Kindle digital edition available on Amazon.com.

Ms. Mele studied French and French literature at Stony Brook University, at the Université de Grenoble, France, and as a graduate at Queens College, N.Y. She has received several postgraduate fellowships from the French government to study translation and has taught French for more than 35 years.