Ridgefield vaccine clinic hits milestone for distributing 10,000 shots

Ridgefield’s vaccine clinic at Yanity Gym, in partnership with RVNAhealth, hit a milestone this week after distributing 10,000 doses of the COVID-19 vaccine.

The town’s Office of Emergency Management made the celebratory announcement via Facebook on Wednesday afternoon and thanked their volunteers for all their hard work.

“It’s a big achievement,” said Laura Cordeira, the director of Community Health and Wellness at RVNA. “We’re glad we can put a dent on some of what’s been going on.”

The clinic opened in January distributing just 200 shots per week. Since then it has grown, now innoculating upwards of 1,000 people a week. While the clinic predominantly administers the Moderna vaccine, it also has Johnson & Johnson shots on hand for homebound individuals who might have trouble getting to the vaccine site.

Cordeira said the process has “gotten smoother as time went on,” and believes that President Biden’s administration has “helped from top down” in providing states more predictability in the doses they receive. She did not recall experiencing any delays and said shipping comes through well.

Cordeira also believes opening up eligibility to all those aged 16 or older has played a role in making operations easier. “It (helps) on an implementation side to not have to be checking people’s employment groups or age groups,” she said, “and it makes it much easier to fill our clinics, as well, because anybody can sign up for them.”

Seeing vaccination efforts progress at a faster rate is something Cordeira’s office is “jazzed about,” she added.

Ridgefield OEM’s Public Information Officer Gerri Lewis echoed the sentiment, saying it’s been a “very smooth and organized process.”

With additional locations popping up, Lewis questioned how long the town’s clinic would still be needed as people start getting inoculated by doctor’s offices and pharmacies. However, the town will continue to do its part to get shots in people’s arms, she said.