Ridgefield’s tri-board meeting — when the budget outlook is discussed among the Board of Finance, Board of Education and Board of Selectmen — will be Tuesday, Nov. 19.

“It’s the normal tri-board where we do a review of the coming year for both the schools and the town,” said Dave Ulmer, chairman of the finance board, which hosts the meeting

The tri-board meeting will start at 7 in the Board of Education meeting room of the Town Hall Annex, and be followed by a regular Board of Finance meeting in the same room.

Discussion at the tri-board includes reviews of the budget status for both the schools and town departments nearly half way through the current fiscal year, as well as the expected surplus from the last fiscal year, which ended June 30. And all that leads to discussion of expectations for the coming 2020-21 fiscal year.

The next fiscal year will start July 1, 2020, but budget work has already begun at the administrative level, and will soon by moving to the elected oversight boards — all in preparation for town and school budgets going to voters next May.

“It’s basically to set expectations about the upcoming budget year, and how we’re doing,” Ulmer said. “We had a good year last year so there is some surplus, but that doesn’t mean we go crazy spending.”

Ulmer said the surplus from the last fiscal year is expected to be about $1,675,000.

That 2018-19 surplus includes about $800,000 in money that was budgeted but not spent last year and returned to the general fund — $750,000 from the town, and $50,000 from the schools. On top of that is about $900,000 in revenue above projections, pushing the total 2018-19 surplus to about $1.7 million.

With several new members elected Nov. 5, and attending their first meetings, Ulmer said discussion “could be interesting” at the tri-board.

There’ll be one new member on the five-seat Board of Selectmen, two new faces on the five-member Board of Finance, and three new members on the school board, which has a total of nine.

“There will be quite a few new members there,” Ulmer said.