The annual Ridgefield tri-board meeting, at which town and school official gather for a look at the budget situation, is scheduled for Tuesday, Nov. 17, starting at 7 p.m.

It will be available through a Zoom link on the town website,

The meeting brings together the Board of Finance, Board of Education and Board of Selectmen for a discussion of the town’s financial situation, as both town and school officials move into planning for the coming fiscal year — in this case the 2021-22 fiscal year starting next July 1. The budget process begins soon and public discussions will start in early 2021 with presentations by administrators to elected boards.

The meeting will begin with overview presentations by Town Controller Kevin Redmond and school Finance Firector Dawn Norton.

There will then be public comments of up to three minutes per speaker accepted via Zoom, followed by comments and discussion from both town and school officials.