Updated: Concert postponed to Thursday, July 9, weather permitting. The Bumper Jacksons — whose “Americana” sound draws on swing, country and blues — will perform in Ridgefield’s Ballard Park on Tuesday evening, July 7, starting at 7 p.m. for both an audience at home enjoying the concert live-streamed and folks who preregister and go to the free concert in person.

Live attendance will be limited to groups of 10 or fewer, with face coverings and advance registration required. Seating will be in groups that arrive together, separated by at least 15 feet from other groups.

In a release Barbara Manners — founder and chief organizer of the “CHIRP” Concert Happenings in Ridgefield Parks — outlined plans for the first free concert of the summer season, and the procedures for attendance amid the COVID-19 pandemic — including preregistration.

Manners’ release said:

“CHIRP’s first concert of the 2020 season will take place at 7 p.m. next Tuesday, July 7, weather permitting, in Ballard Park. The concert features the Bumper Jackson duo who have performed to CHIRP audiences with their band the last few summers. While CHIRP’s concerts are free this season because of concerns over the potential spread of COVID-19, all attendees must register first before admission to the park.

“Registration for tickets went online Tuesday, June 30, at noon, but by 1 p.m. the registration had to be taken down, due to too many registrants misunderstanding directions for the form’s completion, thus failing to comply with COVID-19 state and town protocols. Registration is now back online with clearer instructions and controls for automatic rejection of incomplete registrations. To register, visit https://chirpct.org/.

“Registration instructions in compliance with state and town COVID-19 guidelines are:

“These requirements are meant to protect you and everyone else in the community. Each member of your group should read and be willing to comply with the following protocol requirements, please.

“If registration is too burdensome, or if you have traveled outside of the tri-state area over the last 14 days, we request that, for the health and safety of our friends and neighbors, you enjoy the concert from the comfort of your home: each show will be livestreamed on our Facebook page (Chirp CT).

“This registration form must be filled out by at least one (1) person in each attendance group who will be considered ‘Group representative’ (GR). GR must present this form (physically or digitally) at the gate along with ID. The registration form must contain the name of each person who will be part of GR’s group as well as acknowledgement of his/her waiver of liability. No group may exceed 10 attendees including children. Phone number and email are required only for the group representative. Without this information Eventbrite will not be able to confirm registration and issue you a ticket.

“At entry gate, all persons entering will have to present their ticket and identify themselves with ID as part of GR’s group. Everyone must be wearing an appropriate face covering to enter. Those without, will be denied entry.

“Once you are seated in your ‘pod’ which will be at least 15 feet from every other pod, you are requested to remain seated throughout the concert and to keep your masks on, other than when eating. If you need to use the portable restrooms be certain to wear your mask when traveling to and from. Hand sanitizer will be available at restrooms as well as disinfectant wipes.

“Please bring a bag for garbage with you. You must take out from the park whatever you bring in. We ask that you not leave any litter behind when exiting.

“No dogs will be permitted entry to the park during concert hours. We love them, but they must be left home.

“If you are handicapped and have a valid handicap parking permit, you may register for a handicap parking reservation at Ballard Green. Please list the reservation under the ticket-holder who holds the handicap parking permit. Put on your face mask before exiting the vehicle and do not remove until you have entered your vehicle on return. Please be mindful that Ballard Green has a particularly vulnerable population.

“The above instructions are issued pursuant to the protocols and guidelines of the state as well as the Town of Ridgefield. They are intended not only to protect you but also everyone around you and their extended families and friends.

“So come to the park, prepared for a different concert experience this summer, but one which we hope you will nonetheless enjoy. Remember ‘Music is the soul of the Universe’ (Plato). Let it enrich your life and bring you comfort and joy!

“For more information or questions, email chirpconcerts@aol.com.”