Ridgefield students recognized for outstanding achievement

Ridgefield Public Schools’ student achievement was on full display at the Board of Education meeting on May 10, when principals from the middle and high schools introduced recipients of the Connecticut Association of Boards of Education (CABE) award and the Association of School Superintendents (CAPSS)/Western CT Superintendents Association (WCSA) award.

CABE awards are designed to recognize achievement and potential, and for the board itself to be recognized as a community leader. Two students from each school stood out for their hard work and for going above and beyond to serve as leaders.

The recipients were: Kate Holbert and Andrew Pearl, from East Ridge Middle School; Naomi Vakil and Aidan Mignano, from Scotts Ridge Middle School; and Isabel Griffith and Santiago Briones Lopez, from Ridgefield High School.

In addition, six students — two from each middle school and two from the high school — received the CAPSS/WCSA awards, which are based on three criteria: community service, academic prowess and leadership within the school community.

The recipients were: Julia Knispel and Benjamin Voellmicke, from East Ridge Middle School; Dakota Smith and Lloyd Mills, from Scotts Ridge Middle School; and Kathryn Bucci and Charles DeMatteo, from Ridgefield High School.