Ridgefield student briefs

Bryant University

Class of 2020 students Matthew Colville and Siera Fregosi were named to the spring semester dean’s list at Bryant University.

Fairfield University

The following students were named to the spring semester dean’s list at Fairfield University:

Olivia Anderson, Lane Berisford, Liza Berisford, Charles Bonaparte, Paul Bova, Abigail Braden, Jenna Budicini, Caroline Chapman, Elena Dapkus, Julia Frossell, Austin Kenyon, Jared Kuehner, Alyssa Maiolo, Christopher Perrault, Nicole Potel, Thomas Senesac, William Senesac.

High Point University

Adrianna Pappas graduated from High Point University this spring.

Saint Michael’s College

The following students graduated May 10 from Saint Michael’s College:

Eric Michael Dunn graduated with a bachelor of arts in economics; and Spencer E. Benedetto graduated magna cum laude with a bachelor of arts in psychology.

Western Connecticut State University

The following students were named to the spring semester dean’s list at Western Connecticut State University:

Evan Brenner, theatre arts; Nicola Campos, accounting; Ciara Carruthers, anthropology/sociology; Anthony Colombero, professional writing; Tamara Colombero, justice and law administration; Madeline Conway, psychology; Andrew Curiano, cybersecurity; Benjamin Dreskin, exploratory studies; Ralph Francisco, communication; Kyle Getz, computer science; Troy Gladstone, exploratory studies; William Hogan, professional writing; Adam Jeniski, computer science; Briana Locicero, performance, classical; Cody Loweth, communication; Daniel Madeson, audio and music production; Jordan Marcus, exploratory studies; Kyle McDonald, management; Kristina Miceli, social work; McCarthy Oliveira, management information systems; Ashley Raymond, theatre arts; Daniel Rothwell, mathematics; Lawrence Sixbey, business administration; Harry Smolin, communication; James St. Pierre, exploratory studies; Paul Standish, psychology; Benjamin Stanley, justice and law administration; Juliana Waite, management; Kimberly Wroblewski, political science.