As Ridgefield continues to move towards recovery from its COVID-19 pandemic response and with hurricane season just a few weeks away — it goes from June 1 to Nov. 30 — the town is looking to improve communications with residents. It’s asking for volunteers.

The Town of Ridgefield Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) Public Information Office is looking for volunteers to work on its neighborhood outreach program.

This involves residents volunteering to be the contact person for his/her neighborhood or group of streets — a captain — and receiving communications directly from the public information office to share.

In the event of an emergency, neighborhoods choose their preferred methods of reaching their communities whether it be through email, private Facebook groups, or other ways. If your neighborhood would like to organize and designate a contact person, reach out to

In Ridgefield, CERT volunteers support first responders, the Office of Emergency Management and the Town of Ridgefield. In the past they have been activated for such emergencies as Hurricane Irene, Snow-tober, Hurricane Sandy and any of the micro- and macro-burst weather events the town has experienced.

Ridgefield CERTs were activated in early March to help with the COVID-19 pandemic and have participated in Ridgefield Responds, community wide messaging, distribution of PPE and numerous other behind-the-scenes responsibilities.

Served neighborhoods

The following areas already have a volunteer contact person (captain): Casagmo; Fox Hill Phase I, II, and III; Wooster Heights/Settlers Lane; Dowling Drive, Ridgecrest Drive and Stonecrest Road; Nod Hill and Twin Ridge; Westmoreland; Mimosa; Pleasantview Estates; West Mountain Estates; Twixt Hills; Turner Hill; Prospect Ridge; Rainbow Lake; Quail Ridge I; Chestnut Hill; Mamanasco watershed residents; Pumping Station Road; Ramapoo Road and Arrowhead Lane; Norrans Ridge; Stonehenge Estates; the Ridgefield Knolls; Ritch Drive and Fillmore Lane; Manor Road, Lewis Drive and Shadow Lane; the Presidential park (Jefferson Drive, Lincoln Lane, Adams Road); also Rochambeau, Lafayette Avenue and Washington; Hobby Drive and Circle Drive.

Anyone who would like to be added to the contact list of an already organized neighborhood should email which neighborhood or group he/she is interested in, and send contact information to The information will be forwarded to the neighborhood captain.

CERT advises residents to respond if a neighbor reaches out to them for their contact information if they want to receive such emergency communications from the town.

Message boards

Be aware that in the event that when communications through normal channels breaks down (loss of power and/or Internet) Ridgefield places message boards when possible in central locations within town.

Current message board locations are: Town Hall, the Ridgebury Fire Station, Parks and Recreation Center, Valero Gas Station at the corner of Route 35 and 7, Ancona’s Wines and Liquors in Branchville and Branchville train station. Some individual neighborhoods also have selected a designated location for postings.

CERT offers a consistent, nationwide approach to volunteer training and organization that professional responders can rely on during disasters, allowing them to focus on more complex tasks.

In Ridgefield CERT volunteers are also part of the Office of Emergency Management policy team and play a key role in the town’s emergency operations.