K-Circles offer school-based parent support groups

Your child’s world is about to become more demanding.

Compared with pre-school, there will be increased learning expectations and attention requirements, and significantly less recess time and free play. For the first time, s(he) may feel pressure to perform or not fall behind, to stay focused through a long day, and to manage negative emotions under stress. Even if your child is adapting well, others who are struggling can negatively impact your child’s experience of school.

These varied challenges often show up in behavior changes at home: resistance to structure and parenting rules that were once easy to enforce, or worry about the school day ahead that leads to foot-dragging while getting dressed, or even school refusal.

Help is on the way! This will be the 6th year our Town and Schools are offering K-Circles, school-based parent support groups of 12 or less that meet to discuss mutual parenting challenges. Both morning and evening circles are offered, and early sessions are professionally facilitated.

To enroll in a circle with parents from your child’s school, or to learn more, please contact Doug Barile, LMFT at dougbarile@gmail.com. Please indicate your child’s school and preference for a morning or evening circle.

Doug Barile